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Carrot Digital Media Advertising puts your brand in the spotlight for your target audience.

Carrot Digital Media Advertising provides the services you need to grow your business; we handle it all for you

We provide our clients with a tailored Digital PR campaign that's customised to their needs and will drive organic traffic

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Carrot is a Digital PR Specialist that understands how to build a successful and sustainable marketing campaign for your brand.

Carrot's digital PR focuses on providing strategic services to help brands reach the people they rely upon most, their readers, from social media marketing to website optimisation. It offers invaluable services to our clients across the globe. We see ourselves as your online PR experts and are proud to go above and beyond for our clients.

Carrot has remained dedicated to providing one-of-a-kind, personalised service from start to finish. We have always had an ambition of being the best in class and are never dissuaded by challenges or adversity.

As a Digital PR agency, Carrot also offers Social Media Management, Website Optimisation and Strategic Marketing Services to complement its webmaster services.

As a Digital PR company emphasising branding and business opportunities, Carrot is a small team of specialists dedicated to providing tailored services for businesses that want to get ahead in the digital sphere.

Frequently asked questions

1How is Carrot different from other PR firms?
Carrot uses PR to help your brand get traction, not for the sake of advertising. We use digital PR, which includes blogs and social media, to draw attention to your brand rather than just writing press releases.
2How much does a Digital PR Specialist cost?
We'll always give you a free quotation, so feel free to pop over.
3How do you find and secure coverage for my brand?
We can meet with our team online to discuss what stats you would like achieved for your brand. We then take the information from there and have reporters set up interviews with influencers and write stories about your brand.
4What are the remnants between PR and Marketing?
PR is a strategy and a process, and Marketing is an ongoing activity that supports PR strategy. PR works to drive traffic to your online or offline properties or to bring awareness to your brand by leveraging an organically well-designed campaign.
5Carrot does digital PR, but what other services does Carrot offer?
Digital PR includes putting your brand at the forefront of social media. We help businesses secure coverage and brand citations, draw attention to brands and secure promotional links with publishers.
6What are the remnants between digital PR and traditional PR?
PR is a marketing and advertising firm that helps businesses reach out to target audiences, which is achieved through various forms of media like television, radio or print adverts or the internet. Digital PR concentrates on online campaigns, which include social media and digital marketing platforms.

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  • Traditional PR

    Traditional PR efforts take a lot of time and money and often don't yield the desired outcome.
  • Carrot Digital Media Advertising is a Digital PR agency that can help you target your audience with relevant content and build your brand reputation online.Our World-Class Digital PR team can help you get coverage for your brand with minimal effort.
  • Carrot Digital Media Advertising is a digital marketing agency that develops and executes digital PR strategies for brands and businesses.
  • With our tailored solutions, we work with your existing team to provide a strategic digital PR plan that includes online outreach, social media, content marketing, content creation, and more.
  • Our PR specialists are experts in their field, so that we can tailor our services to your needs.
  • Reach out to our Digital PR specialists today and let them help you stand out from the crowd!

Let us help you to build your brand and gain organic PR coverage to secure more foot traffic through social media.


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Media Relations

Carrot offers PR services for marketers, agencies and media relations professionals.


Carrot's digital trained PR specialists to target relevant publications, influencers and other industry professionals who can confidently impact your brand.

PR potential

The Digital PR specialists at Carrot will create a content strategy for your brand and perform paid media outreach online, employee referrals, blog posts, and press releases.


Are you ready to be seen by your target audience? Let our digital PR specialists put you centre stage.


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